During Emma's career as a planning professional, Emma has developed particular strengths in the following areas:

  • Exceptional communication skills with clients, allied professionals, and Local and State Government agencies throughout the life of a project that demonstrates an ability to listen effectively and act on all information received
  • Excellent development facilitation skills, including the preparation of advice and planning reports for Councils and both State and Council Assessment Panels and Expert Witness Statements for the Environment, Resources and Development Court
  • Excellent project management skills demonstrated through the successful negotiation, management and facilitation of large greenfields developments within key growth areas

During her career, Emma has held senior roles at various planning consultancies culminating with her current role as a Director of Planning Studio.  These roles have required the provision of detailed and accurate planning advice to a range of clients, including the development industry, local Councils, not-for-profit organisations and State Government Agencies.

Emma has also held planning positions within a number of South Australian Councils.  These roles have required her to work as part of a local government team, gain an understanding of local government processes and establish and maintain an excellent working relationship with local government.  Emma continues to consult to a number of Local Government authorities.

Emma has appeared before the Environment, Resources and Development Court on numerous occasions where she has provided expert planning evidence to assist the Court with its deliberations.

Planning Studio_Emma